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What to expect from a rehabilitation center?

What to expect from a rehabilitation center?

The first step in the rehabilitation process is the detoxification of the affected individual. Some rehabilitation centers require affected individuals to go through detoxification at specialized centers before they can get admitted to the rehabilitation center. Others, like ours, have their own in-house detoxification facility. Detoxification of an individual usually lasts up to 10 days but it can vary from case to case. The factors affecting the duration of detoxification program are the level of intoxication in an individual and how well individuals deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

Another major contributor in the rehabilitation process that is to be expected at any rehabilitation center is the education an individual gets regarding his/her problem and how he/she may overcome it. It is the task of our rehabilitation center to take our individuals from the denial mode and make them realize that they are facing a serious problem which needs stern and directed efforts to overcome.  This, over the period of rehabilitation, changes the individuals approach towards alcohol use.

One can expect daily counseling and group therapy sessions at the rehabilitation center. The counseling sessions are conducted by trained professionals who provide individual attention and time to the admitted alcohol abusers. The counselors specialize in inculcating coping skills in the individuals so that they learn to manage their lives without the use of alcohol. Group sessions are arranged so that individuals going through similar problems can share their stories and become each other’s strength.

It has been researched that involvement of the family of the affected individual at various stages of the rehabilitation greatly enhances the recovery. Keeping this in view, regular meetings are arranged with the family members of the affected. These include educating the family members about drug abuse, its withdrawal symptoms and also how to provide support to the recovering individual. In certain cases, family members are also provided support if they are abused to mistreated by the affected individual during his drug abuse tenure.

Lastly is the Aftercare Program which ensures that the treated individual is coping well with his alcohol-free life. By this time, the personal trainers know their rehabilitated individuals well and are in a great position to advise and support them according to their individual capabilities.

Apart from these rehabilitation techniques, an alcohol abuser can be expected to still feel uncomfortable at the rehabilitation center despite the professional attention of the staff. This is because it is a life-changing activity and complications can be expected at various stages of the process. Being embarrassed at the wrong-doings during the alcohol-abuse era are also a common occurrence for the individual and should be expected, but as there is no use crying over spilt milk so one should learn to move on which is what the trainers help in achieving. The individuals should not expect it all to be an easy ride as they are challenged over and over by the urge of getting back to alcohol abuse. The staff specializes in minimizing this effect.

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